Where is Wanted Filmed

Wanted is a popular action-packed thriller series that follows two women as they embark on a dangerous journey across Australia. The show’s striking cinematography captures the beauty of the country’s diverse landscapes while adding depth to the storyline. Here’s a closer look at the various locations where Wanted was filmed.

1. Australian Filming Locations:

The series was primarily filmed in Australia, showcasing the country’s stunning landscapes and natural beauty as the backdrop for the characters’ adventures.

2. Queensland:

The majority of Wanted was filmed in Queensland, offering a wide range of landscapes, from coastal beaches to lush rainforests and rugged outback.

3. Brisbane:

The show includes scenes filmed in Brisbane, the capital city of Queensland, providing an urban setting that contrasts with the series’ rural and wilderness backdrops.

4. Scenic Coastlines:

Wanted features scenes along Queensland’s scenic coastlines, including beach locations and picturesque coastal roads.

5. Hinterland Rainforests:

The series includes breathtaking shots of Queensland’s lush hinterland rainforests, adding an element of adventure and natural wonder to the storyline.

6. Ipswich:

Parts of the show were filmed in the city of Ipswich, located west of Brisbane, showcasing the area’s historical architecture and charming streets.

7. Gold Coast:

Wanted includes scenes filmed along the Gold Coast, known for its stunning beaches and vibrant atmosphere.

8. Beaudesert:

The town of Beaudesert, located in Queensland’s Scenic Rim region, served as a filming location for some of the series’ action scenes.

9. Natural Wonders:

The show highlights some of Australia’s natural wonders, including lush forests, winding rivers, and mountainous terrain.

10. Rural Outback:

Wanted features rural outback settings, showcasing the vast, open landscapes of Australia’s interior and the challenges faced by the characters.

11. Highways and Roads:

The series includes thrilling chase scenes filmed on highways and roads that cut through various Australian landscapes.

12. Small Towns:

Wanted was filmed in several small towns across Queensland, adding authenticity and depth to the series’ setting.

13. Winding Country Roads:

The show features scenes along winding country roads, offering a sense of the characters’ journey through remote areas.

14. Glass House Mountains:

The iconic Glass House Mountains in Queensland provide a dramatic and scenic backdrop for some of the show’s episodes.

15. Wooded Areas:

Wanted includes scenes filmed in wooded areas, adding suspense and intrigue as the characters navigate through dense forests.

16. Varied Climates:

Filming in different parts of Queensland allowed the series to capture varied climates and environments, from tropical rainforests to arid regions.

17. Lush Vineyards:

The show includes scenes set in lush vineyards, showcasing Queensland’s wine regions and their picturesque beauty.

18. Picturesque Waterfalls:

Wanted highlights Queensland’s picturesque waterfalls, providing stunning visuals and adding an element of serenity.

19. Iconic Landmarks:

The series features iconic Australian landmarks, such as the Gold Coast and Brisbane River, offering viewers a sense of place.

20. Adventure in the Wilderness:

The show captures the spirit of adventure as the characters venture through the wilderness, facing challenges and surprises along the way.

21. Urban vs. Rural Settings:

Wanted juxtaposes urban and rural settings, contrasting bustling cityscapes with the tranquility of the countryside.

22. Townsville:

The northern city of Townsville was also a filming location, providing a tropical setting for some episodes.

23. Collaboration with Local Authorities:

The series collaborated with local authorities to ensure safe and authentic filming throughout various locations.

24. Roads Less Traveled:

Wanted takes viewers along roads less traveled, showcasing lesser-known parts of Queensland and revealing hidden gems.

In conclusion, Wanted was filmed across various locations in Queensland, Australia, providing a rich and varied backdrop for the series’ thrilling narrative. The diverse landscapes, from urban centers to rural outback, contribute to the show’s dynamic visual appeal and keep viewers engaged throughout the journey.

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