Why does N Srinivasan take more pride in being the CSK owner than other crowns?

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You have come to the right place to know why N. Srinivasan takes more pride in being the owner of CSK than being the MD of India Cements and others. The significant reason for this is the market capitalisation of unlisted CSK shares at the price of around Rs. 200, which is over 7,000 crores, more than that of India Cements, which is now at 6,300 crores. Also, CSK, or Chennai Super Kings, is the first unicorn sports enterprise in India; as per Forbes Magazine, N.Srinivasan, as its owner, has developed a new and successful business model. Also, N.Srinivasan is the mastermind behind the new twenty20 matches in the form of IPL or Indian Premier League, now played in the short form worldwide.  

Continue reading this blog until the end to learn more about why N. Srinivasan takes more pride in being the CSK owner than other crowns, such as MD of India Cements, past president of ICC, BCCI, and many reputed business forums. 

Why did N.Srinivasan start the twemty20 format of cricket to become famous worldwide?

Cricket, though played for hundreds of years, was less popular than football and other sports worldwide. As the British started playing cricket in the 13th century but first recorded a match in 1646, many countries only knew about it except those like India, which they ruled. The other significant reason for this is that test matches played for five days mostly end with results. Hence, one day, cricket became famous in the 20th century and is still played only in a few countries. But N. Srinivasan, as the president of the prestigious BCCI, reduced even the one-day cricket ending within a few hours to have thrilling finishes. Hence, IPL matches were an instant success in 2008 for people, even in countries that did not play cricket. And with N.Srinivasan, the owner of one of the most popular IPL franchisees, he also used his best business skills as MD of India Cements and chairman and member of many business forums to make it worth over a billion dollars. 

Reasons for N.Srinivasan taking more pride in being the owner of India Cements than others

N.Srinivasan, son of Narayanasamy, cofounder of India Cements in 1948, became its managing director in  1989. With his innate business skills and those he learned at the Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, made India Cements one of India’s most prominent companies. He also climbed up the corporate ladder from being Sherif of Madras to being a member of FICCI, NCCBM, DCCI, MCCI, and many others. And also was the president of TNCC, or Tamil Nadu Cricket Council, for one and half decades to become president of BCCI and ICC. But after he became the owner of Chennai Super Kings, his network has grown to around 7 billion dollars or around 700 crores. 

CSK, owned by N. Srinivasan and backed by India Cements to become the unicorn sports enterprise, is the best buy in the grey market at the CSK unlisted price of Rs. 200 from a reputed broker, yielding high returns.  
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